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"I have worked with Eileen Rizzo/Eye Hear Voices on several projects and could not be more satisfied. Not only are her voiceover skills second to none, the customer service provided was a pleasure.   If you're dealing with Eileen Rizzo/Eye Hear Voices you are dealing with a professional. Any time I had a change request or asked a question I was answered quickly, politely and professionally. Any change I requested was quickly implemented to perfection. My listeners know Eileen Rizzo as the voice of Baby Jaimie, but I know her as the voice of all the characters in not only Baby Jaimie's world, but also all the animal characters in Happy Valley (The Legend of Stanley Stinkypants). Her range and ability to switch from one character to the next is amazing.  If you're looking for top quality voice over work done by a true professional, look no further than Eileen Rizzo/Eye Hear Voices. I highly recommend her."

Jaimie Hope Author

"After hearing Eileen Rizzo's audition for the audiobook version of

my short story The Day of Mother Time and Father Nature, I knew instantly that her voice was the perfect match  for the narration. Listeners have reached out to me and have expressed their satisfaction with the way Eileen presented my story. As soon as we negotiated a contract, she got to work on the project, and to my joy, completed the project at a rapid pace while submitting quality work.  I wouldn't hesitate to reach out to her again for future projects.  I would also encourage others who are looking for a solid narrator to give Eileen an opportunity to bring their stories alive. She does spectacular work!"

Jesse Booth Author

"Eileen Rizzo from Eye Hear Voices has been doing audio work for me for a while now.  She is one of the best narrators that ACX could ever find. She does quality work in a punctual manner. I hope to work with her in the future

 because she always meets her deadlines and my audiobooks are always

approved by the ACX QA engineers. I would highly recommend her for any project that you  may have."

Misty L Wesley Author

"Eye Hear Voices was very easy to work with, she was kind, she listened to me and accepted all my suggestions and went with them making my audio book, the way I foresaw it. I thought it was great."

Sherry Rabinowitz Author

Fantasy Time Inc

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